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Mesabi Standards
Below: Dallas, 10, Cher, 8 weeks (Dec. 2003)...
Below: Cole, 7, Drifter 1 1/2 (January, 2005)
Above: Casey (one of our Labradors) and Drifter --
Taking a Nap after training.


Our original breed of interest was (and is!) the Labrador Retriever, and we continue to promote the advancement of Labradors as a multi-purpose, family and hunting companion. Our line of Labradors, ''The Captain's Labradors,"'' can be seen competing in field trials, hunt tests, agility, obedience, and conformation. Our passion is retriever training, and we LOVE to see a good retriever of any breed at work! We are not "big time" poodle breeders, and will never be. We breed, at most, 1 litter of standard poodles per year. At this time, all of our girls are retired from breeding, essentially they are here to brighten our lives. We love our poodles for their drive, intelligence, and retrieve desire. They add a whole new dimension to our training and we learn as much from them as they do from us!

Note: We DO NOT and WILL NOT breed Labradoodles or Goldenoodles -- it seems some folks jump to that conclusion, and we want to clarify / address it right up front! We do continue to breed purebred Labradors, Goldens, and an occassional litter of purebred Standard Poodles, but never a mix of these breeds!

I was raised with companion miniature poodles as our family pets, and have always loved the poodle breed, whether toy, miniature, or standard.
When the AKC voted to allow standard poodles to run retriever hunt tests in September of 1998, I was thrilled and excited, and knew I wanted to be part of this very special time in poodle history.  The original purpose of the breed was that of an outstanding water retriever, and this intellingent, dedicated breed can still excel in this  line of work.

We bought our first standard poodle in the Fall of 2003, thanks to Eileen Jaskowski of Loveland, Colorado, after having waited over a year for this very special breeding to take place. The pup, Drifter, was line bred on the first Master Hunter Poodle in AKC history, HRCh C-Ch Bibelot's Silver Power Play (Pie) UD MH WCX. "Pie" is Drifter's grandfather on both sides.  Drifter's father was the second Master Hunter in AKC History, Lonetree's Nambe MH, and his mother is a Senior Hunter who is currently working towards her Master title. All three of these talented standards are owned and trained by Eileen.

Please check back and join us on this journey!

~Rob & Denise Babcock